Tools of the trade: software and gear I trust as an engineer

Discover the stellar tools I use to craft web experiences

Coding Software

  • Visual Studio Code
  • Github Copilot - AI coding assistant
  • Git - version control
  • Dracula - The one true theme for VSCode
  • Fira Code - a free monospaced font with helpful ligatures


  • HTML / CSS / JS - the general web languages
  • TypeScript - enhanced javascript
  • Astro - high speed framework
  • Tailwind CSS - better CSS
  • Daisy UI - free Tailwind UI library with nice theme support and useful classes
  • Solid.js - highly performant JSX framework for user interfaces. Works well with Astro
  • Tina CMS - git based content management system

General Software

  • Spotify Premium - I listen to music all the time
  • BitWarden - password manager of choice
  • Obsidian - note taking / ideas app
  • Brave Browser - daily browser with some nice privacy tools
  • Zoho Mail - mail client of choice for professional use
  • Gmail - personal mail client
  • Discord - communication and technical discussion

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